Diving for Pearls

Nancy Alhyari On Being a Courageous and Empathetic Leader & Celebrating Small Successes

February 01, 2022 Gina P Nelson Season 1 Episode 17
Diving for Pearls
Nancy Alhyari On Being a Courageous and Empathetic Leader & Celebrating Small Successes
Show Notes

Episode #17 of the Diving for Pearls podcast has officially launched!!! In this episode, I sit down with Nancy Alhyari, Academic Cluster Manager for Abu Dhabi Public Schools and Acting Chief Financial Officer for Bella & Bella Productions, a platform dedicated to lifting, nurturing and empowering strong communities of women across the globe.  We engage in dialogue about allowing core values to serve as guiding forces in one’s life, making intentional choices “to be” rather than “do”, connecting more deeply with the things & people who matter, and the importance of acknowledging & celebrating small wins and successes. An eternal learner committed to learning, growing and developing, Nancy has found ample opportunities to practice stewardship and help others understand their vision and purpose. Noting that a leader’s most powerful ally is his/her example, Nancy chooses to lead with the heart. She fervently believes that both empathy and compassion can be a powerful antidote to exclusion, divisiveness and conflict in our schools, communities and world. She believes that if we strengthen our own empathy skills, we can help others do the same.  

A native of Amman, Jordan where women have been increasingly emerging as leaders and visionaries, Nancy is using her voice to ensure that young women live a positive and self-empowered life and make full use of their talents and abilities. An electrical engineer by trade and training, Nancy remains keen on raising awareness about female leadership and changing social norms about women in the workplace. Adopting her parents’ belief that women can achieve anything they set their mind to, Nancy encourages women to tap into their potential and leverage their innate talents and strengths to become fully, contributing and participatory members of their communities.  It is Nancy’s hope that women avail themselves of opportunities in underrepresented fields and support & mentor their fellow female colleagues. 

Adopting as a personal credo the notion of  “leaving things in better shape than when you first got there” and understanding that in order to lead others you must lead yourself first, Nancy is making a conscious effort to create a safe space for individuals to have deep, meaningful and honest heart-to-heart conversations. It was her parents who fostered an ethos within the home for discussing the “undiscussable”. Following in her parents’ footsteps, Nancy has created authentic spaces for her students and colleagues alike to hold courageous conversations with shared respect and openness, thus enabling positive change and growth.  

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