Diving for Pearls

Mayowa Adegoke on The Power of Story to Transform Lives & Hope for a More Prosperous Africa

December 30, 2021 Gina P Nelson Season 1 Episode 16
Diving for Pearls
Mayowa Adegoke on The Power of Story to Transform Lives & Hope for a More Prosperous Africa
Show Notes

Episode #16 of the Diving for Pearls podcast has officially launched!!! In this episode, I sit down with Mayowa Adegoke, a foreign correspondent for Channels TV, one of Africa’s leading news stations, to discuss the issues that Nigeria and the rest of world must address, from building trust & fostering collaboration to prioritizing education & embracing innovation, in order to move towards a more equitable and sustainable path. With a push for greater transparency and accountability on the part of those charged with governance, Mayowa believes that stability and prosperity can be achieved throughout Nigeria and the rest of the Africa continent. 

Moving from the old, tired, oversimplistic narrative of Africa to a more balanced and hopeful one, according to Mayowa, will ultimately require a change in thinking, culture and ethos. Adamant about shifting and reframing the African narrative, Mayowa takes an intentional approach to sharing good news stories, and challenges media personnel and others to utilize their platform to keep conversations oriented in a positive direction, so as to influence, uplift and empower.

Growing up in a country that has the largest economy in Africa, Mayowa was surrounded with a strong familial support system that enabled her to embrace the indefatigable “can do” spirit of Nigeria, an optimistic spirit that has sustained Nigerians for generations upon generations. Mayowa credits both of her parents for believing in her dreams and modeling persistence at an early age. As a result of their immense belief in her and her capabilities,  Mayowa was able to define her worth and nurture the seeds of self-confidence in others. 

Mayowa, who is a champion of female empowerment, challenges women to channel the power of collaboration to be more forward-thinking, more solution-focused and take greater control of their lives. As someone who has always embraced authenticity in business and in life, Mayowa stresses the importance of living in alignment with one’s personal truths. She challenges us to own who we are in order to be more deeply connected to our natural abilities, strengths, and talents and live a richer, more complete life.

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