Diving for Pearls

Lee Thomas on Living and Leading a Purposeful & Impactful Life

November 25, 2021 Gina P Nelson Season 1 Episode 15
Diving for Pearls
Lee Thomas on Living and Leading a Purposeful & Impactful Life
Show Notes

Episode #15 of the Diving for Pearls podcast has officially launched!!! In this episode, I sit down with Leeba Thomas, Director of Content for Bella and Bella Productions and one-half of the husband & wife duo for the Lee and Dawn Agency, to discuss how encouraging, supporting and empowering others, changes lives. One of two girls raised in a traditional family in Mumbai, India, Lee (as she prefers to be called), talks about how she relies on the values taught by her parents & elders and learnt via her faith, to amplify others’ voices, be of service to her community and model the way of empowerment. As someone who has actively pursued and developed an intimate relationship with God, Lee is a shining example of what it means to align your life with your core values and beliefs, and live in purposefulness. 

Growing up in one of the most populous cities in the world, Lee shares how her formative years in Mumbai, India taught her the values of perseverance, hard work and resilience. What was once a love/hate relationship has become one of deep appreciation and gratitude. Lee worked on cultivating an inner state of serenity and stillness through multiple contemplative practices; it is in her current life away from city dwelling that Lee can often be found poised in prayer, studying the word of God, conversing with God and using her creative talents and skills to empower individuals to believe in themselves and in turn, empower others. Refusing to be influenced by cultural and societal expectations, Lee, a curious investigator of life, has unpacked the tenets of her faith on her own to serve as a force for good in the world.

Whether it’s setting goals that contribute to a healthier planet, or looking for small ways to practice kindness, or simply valuing and appreciating others, Lee believes that one of the best advantages to living a purposeful and impactful life is gaining a greater sense of connection and engagement with those around us. Keen on helping young girls and women create a vision of the future that is both invigorating and inspiring through her work with Bella and Bella Productions and the Lee and Dawn Agency, Lee hopes to live a life that is compassionate, kind, fulfilling and honorable and help others live a meaningful and purpose-driven life.

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