Diving for Pearls

Leen Hijazi on Empowering Girls & Women and Inspiring Change

October 15, 2021 Gina P Nelson Season 1 Episode 14
Diving for Pearls
Leen Hijazi on Empowering Girls & Women and Inspiring Change
Show Notes

Episode #14 of the Diving for Pearls podcast has officially launched!!! In this episode, I sit down with Leen Hijazi, Dubai-based singer-songwriter and Adoption & Change Management Consultant at Microsoft, to discuss why investing in girls and women is one of the most effective and powerful ways to promote the social and economic development of any nation.  A native of Jordan, one of the more female progressive nations in the Middle East, Leen believes education is the premier gateway to ameliorating the status of women. 

Despite the tide shifting and progress being made in social structures and women’s rights, Leen realizes that Jordan and many nations across the globe must strengthen its commitment to both gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Having grown up in a “privileged background” where educational resources were abundant, Leen advocates that we must raise awareness and celebrate the amazing capabilities of women by introducing girls to strong female figures (past and present) at a young age. A key component, Leen believes, is ensuring that young women are able to see that the success experienced by these role models is attainable and replicable. Organizations such as Microsoft, where Leen works, have taken notice of the importance of developing women leaders and are working towards adopting more inclusive, supportive policies to aid women (in particular mothers) to achieve their maximum potential at work. 

Although Leen realizes that there is scope for more work to be done in the area of female empowerment, she recognizes that there is huge value in having female support made up of women at all levels. Leen regularly encourages women to go the extra mile when the opportunity avails itself to shape and encourage another woman’s career and/or lend an encouraging word of support. It was through the generous gesture of her friends a few years ago that prompted Leen’s return to the music studio, which has led to her current success as a musician and singer-songwriter; her single, Nseet, which means “I forgot” in Arabic, reached over 9,000 downloads on Anghami (the music streaming platform in the Middle East and North Africa) within the first two months. Leen hopes to continue to use her voice to uplift & inspire women and advocate for change. 


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