Diving for Pearls

Bonus Episode: Roza Bairu on Embracing Who You Really Are & Communicating with Authenticity

October 31, 2022 Roza Bairu Season 1 Episode 0
Diving for Pearls
Bonus Episode: Roza Bairu on Embracing Who You Really Are & Communicating with Authenticity
Show Notes

We have officially wrapped up season 1 of the Diving for Pearls (DFP) podcast. A special thank you to all of our listeners and guests for their unwavering support. A special thank you to The Skylark Collective U.K for the 2022 podcast nomination and for amplifying the voices of women across the globe. We are truly appreciative of the international recognition and nod. 

In this Bonus Episode of Season 1 of  DFP_UAE, I sit down with Roza Bairu,  Marketing Manager at MindShift Consultants and former Marketing Executive at RBC TV in Dubai,  to discuss how practicing self-reflection, developing a value system and resisting the urge to cover up our vulnerabilities, allow us to make choices about our lives and identity that are liberating and congruent with our true authentic self.

 Roza shares how cultivating self-awareness and self-acceptance propelled her along her own journey of personal growth and self-discovery. No longer paralyzed by the fear of other people’s opinions, Roza began opening up about her struggles and letting go of her emotional armour. It was coping with the loss of her mother in 2019 that punctuated Roza’s spiritual journey, compelling her to look inward and ask for help. Roza found that by being genuine and real about what she needed, not only led to better outcomes, but helped restore inner peace. Roza maintains that when we develop nourishing relationships & surround ourselves with accepting, supportive people, we let go of unnecessary stress and judgment; we learn to be vulnerable, abandon ideas of perfection, vocalize our feelings & needs and learn to live more consciously in the present moment.  

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