Diving for Pearls

Sandra Martinho on Reconnecting with Our Essence and Learning to Let Go

July 02, 2022 Gina P Nelson Season 2 Episode 20
Diving for Pearls
Sandra Martinho on Reconnecting with Our Essence and Learning to Let Go
Show Notes

Episode #20 of the Diving for Pearls podcast has officially launched!!! In this episode, I sit down with Sandra Martinho, Dubai-based international author, health consultant, spiritualist and storyteller to discuss how practicing the art of surrender and yielding to the natural unfolding of our lives can serve as key to us being anchored in peace and freedom. A colon cancer survivor and mother of two, Sandra chronicles her healing journey in “The Dance of Life”,  a book she wrote as a guide to help others reconnect to self and reclaim their personal power. It was in reconnecting with her essence, returning to who she was before cancer, that allowed Sandra to heal her body, mind and soul. In making a conscious decision to live, she reminds us to breathe through changes, feel the pain, cry the tears, and let the changes that will happen, happen.  As we are unable to “disaster-proof” every area of our lives, Sandra encourages us to focus on what we can control- our responses to what’s happening to us and what we can change within to become the person we want to be. She urges us to tap into our core nature, our true essence to uncover joy, happiness and purpose no matter our life circumstances. 

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