Diving for Pearls

Lydia Andrews on The Road to Self-Growth & Loving Yourself Financially

February 26, 2022 Gina P Nelson/Lydia Andrews Season 1 Episode 18
Diving for Pearls
Lydia Andrews on The Road to Self-Growth & Loving Yourself Financially
Show Notes

Episode #18 of the Diving for Pearls podcast has officially launched!!! In this episode, I sit down with Lydia Andrews, Wealth Advisor and Wealth & Mindset Coach, and Founder of Love Yourself Financially to discuss fundamental steps you can take to build wealth for the long-term, attract life-changing abundance and foster growth where you need it most. As someone who has had to analyze her life from both a macro and micro level, Lydia recommends tapping into every aspect of our experiences to help us process events, clarify our thinking and hone in on what truly matters. With discipline and intentionality, she believes that we can lean into kindness and compassion everyday to shift our awareness, connect with others in authentic ways and experience the success, wealth and prosperity we all deserve. 

Imbued with a desire to help and make an impact during some of her more formative years, Lydia, a native of Ghana, worked on supporting the disadvantaged and vulnerable through philanthropic work both in high school and college. It was her parents’ teachings about “lending a hand” to enable individuals and communities achieve positive outcomes that deeply resonated with her. Anchoring herself to some of the family’s core values, Lydia continued to focus on ways in which she could have real and sustainable impact on others. Through a series of career iterations and a journey of self-discovery, Lydia eventually moved to the financial sphere, focusing her efforts on providing economic development opportunities to women. Via workshops and coaching sessions, Lydia teaches women how to nurture and manage the money they have earned and grow it.  In a similar vein, Lydia encourages our listeners to make courageous choices in career opportunities and relationships that will help them earn wealth, build wealth and eventually go on to preserve wealth. It is working from these three pillars (earn wealth, build wealth and preserve wealth) that Lydia believes that you can start your true wealth creation journey. 

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